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Salsa means spicy mix! In a restaurant Salsa is a tasty Mexican dip. In music it is a mixture of musical styles from Latin America. On the dance floor Salsa is a fusion of exciting rhythmic partner dance styles. In other words it's fun! And you will enjoy this new dance with Silver Fox Salsa...
What is Salsa?: Salsa is a fusion of different mostly Caribbean dance styles, danced to Salsa music. Salsa is danced to the music of the Clave of two bars, each of 4 beats. Dancers will, typically, dance 3 steps on beats 1, 2 and 3 and then pause very briefly on beat 4, where sometimes we introduce what is called a Cuban motion. We dance again on beats 5, 6 and 7 and then pause again on Beat 8, doing another Cuban motion. We generally dance New York style Salsa on beat 1. You can get more detail on these topics on the terms page. Also see the history page for background on how Salsa evolved.
Will everybody be looking at me?: Relax and don't be embarrassed. Many people get embarrassed at the thought of dancing. Well everybody else at the club will be dancing as well, and they were all beginners once too.  In any case they will be too busy enjoying themselves to notive any mistakes you might make, which by the way we all do. All the dancers at our club is keen to encourage you and understands how it feels to try it for the first time. So join in, let go, have some fun and enjoy yourself.
I'm a man, surely Salsa is only for women?: while it's true that  many of our dancers are female, lots of men dance Salsa too. In fact the best Salsa dancers tend to be men! That's not sexist, it's just that men have the opportunity to lead and express themselves on the floor.  It doesn't matter if you can't dance a single step because nobody else can when they start either. You can equally come
on your own, with your mates or with a partner. It's up to you. One thing is for sure though, you will not be short of partners at our club. Female dancers will be keen to dance with you whatever your skill level. So don't just  sit in front of the TV, or go to the gym or play footie. Today's modern man also know how to dance. So it's cool to dance Salsa. Your dance partners (old and new) will appreciate the effort you put in if you learn Salsa. Don't be left at home while
others are out having fun. Come and join our club with the other guys, get learning now and soon you will be burning the floor and showing who is the real Alpha male around here!
How often do you run courses?: We don't run courses so you can join our classes at any time. You pay for your classes one at a time. This means you make small investment each time you dance and learn a bit more. It means if you have to miss the odd week then this is fine. You just come when you want to and you have the time. See our classes page for further details of when we meet and where we are.

Do I need a dance partner?: You don't need a partner to dance Salsa. Simply turn up at a Silver Fox Salsa class and we will find you a partner to dance with at a similar skill level to yourself. When you dance in a Silver Fox Salsa class you will dance briefly with one partner and then with another and so on around the class. This helps you get used to different styles of dancer, and it's also a nice way to mix with the rest of the club.
What should I wear?: Wear light clothes and comfortable shoes to dance in. You get warm when you dance and you don't want to hurt your feet with uncomfortable shoes. So leave your cardigans and trainers at home! Many keen dancers wear latin dance shoes because they support your feet and improve your style. You might want to get some too this if you come regularly.

Silver Fox Sala, Hollygarth Social Club, Ben Rhydding, Ilkley